AI – Apps and Bots. A special guest episode of Innervate Answers!

AI and Bots are popular topics of conversation at the moment, so we enlisted the help of two experts to get to the bottom of what it means.

Organisations and individuals are fast discovering the benefits of utilising Artificial Intelligence to augment day to day lives. In addition we are seeing more organisations implementing Bots to handle first line responses, and event driven tasks with customers to improve response times and quality of service. Innervate had an excellent opportunity to attend the Microsoft Partner Airlift for AI- Apps and Bots to better understand what is available, and how we can deliver high quality solutions to our clients.

We also had the opportunity to interview our hosts: Anna Thomas and Chris Testa O’Neill from the Azure AI Platform Team about what AI means today, and what Microsoft and it’s partners can bring to the table. Please enjoy the video below:

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If you have any questions, or want to know about what intelligent platforms, services, and assistants can do for your and your organisation. Feel free to get in touch.